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Career Advisor, as a data operator, informs you, through this note, about how we process and protect personal data.

We present this Notice to you at the beginning of your interaction with our Websites.

1) What is a cookie file. What purpose is it used for?

Our websites use cookie technology to provide you with an optimized web service. The data stored by the cookies used never reveal personal details that can be used to establish an individual identity.

The cookie file is stored and/or read by your web browser on the storage unit (e.g. hard disk) of your device (laptop, smartphone, PC, etc.). Cookies also make your interaction with websites safer and faster because they can remember your preferences (eg login, language) by sending the information they contain back to the website originating (first-party cookie) or to another website to which they belong (third-party cookie), when you visit that website again using the same end device.

2) What is the lifetime of a cookie?

The lifetime of a cookie can vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are single-use (such as session cookies), so they are not retained once the user leaves the site. Other cookies are maintained and reused each time the user returns to the site (persistent cookies). However, cookies can be deleted by the user at any time by using the browser settings.

3) What are cookies placed by third parties?

Some content sections of some sites may be provided by third-party cookies such as an advertisement. Such cookies can be placed on the site and are called cookies placed by third parties because they are not placed by the owner of the site. Such third parties are in turn bound to comply with applicable legal regulations and the privacy policies of the respective site owner.

4) How you can control cookie files

If you do not agree with our use of cookies, you can withdraw your consent to cookies at any time. You can block or remove cookies either through your web browser settings or by using software. Disabling the cookies we use could affect your user experience on the site.

Most often, you can find the cookie settings in the “Options”, “Tools” or “Preferences” menus of the web browser you use to access the site. Depending on the existing web browsers, various means can be used to disable cookies. To get more information, please visit your browsers website:

Cookie settings for Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer;

Cookie settings for Firefox – Firefox;

Chrome cookie settings – Chrome;

Cookie settings for Safari – Safari;

Cookie settings for Edge – Edge;

Cookie settings for Opera – Opera.

Further details: or

5) What types of cookies do we use?

Cookie files without which the proper functioning of the site is affected: they allow you to use the basic functions of the site. These cookie files are essential for the proper use of the website;

Functionality cookies – are used to recognize you when you return to the site. They allow us to provide you with enhanced features, such as remembering your preferences. These cookies collect anonymous information;

Analytical and regarding performance – with their help we collect statistical information about how the site is used (the most accessed pages, error messages, etc.);

For marketing and targeting – store information about your visit, such as the pages and links you have accessed. We may use these details to show you advertisements tailored to your interests and adjust the frequency with which advertisements are shown to you;

Regarding social networks – allow you to share your activity on social networks (eg Facebook, Linkedin etc.) on the site. We do not control these cookie files.

Other types of cookies that may be used later. We will update this policy as soon as the situation requires it.

Our site uses certain third-party services to obtain information related to your usage. These third parties (eg advertisers, web traffic analysis services) may use cookie files, over which we have no control.